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For :iconDiapienami:'s contest
A Super DanganRonpa 2 Fanfiction. VERY slight spoilers for the game.
Contains: Diapers, Diaper Usage [Female], Forced Babying [Female], Spanking [Female]

Easter Sunday, a warm, sunny holiday right in the middle of spring. It was a time when families could get together and enjoy themselves, playing around and having fun with one another all day long. This was exactly what one family was doing this Easter...well, perhaps family wasn't exactly the best word, but it was the closest way to describe what their "interesting" relationship was like...
"Come on, girls. Those tasty chocolate eggs won't find themselves, you know~" a red-haired woman with a bob-cut said as she walked into a park. She wasn't wearing an olive-green jumper with a white shirt underneath, and a plaid white and orange tie. Around her neck was a camera, and arou
:icontheoriginaldl:TheOriginalDL 18 10
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A short Persona 5 story. Very slight spoilers, but only for what the Strength Confidant is about, and potentially a slight bit about the end of the Temperance link.

This one is, uh. Very different from my normal stories so...go in with an open mind. Please.

Contains: Diapers, Diaper Usage [Female], Facesitting [Female-On-Male], Sexual Themes



Up until this moment, it had been a rather normal night for Akira Kurusu. The black-haired leader of the Phantom Thieves had just finished stealing the heart of yet another wicked member of society, and was naturally feeling quite exhausted because of it. Normally he would have called Kawakami over to give him a massage so he could be up and about, but she had apparently gone to sleep prior to him getting back to Leblancs. That, or she had simply decided to not answer any of his phone calls.

Thusly, feeling too tired do anything, the young boy changed into his night clothes and laid down in his bed, pulling the cover up as he felt his black cat lay down on him. For a while, he enjoyed nice, pleasant dreams of hanging out with all of his friends and being free from any oppression that the adults of his society put down on them.

When he woke up, he found himself in a prison cell, his night clothes now a black and white prisoner uniform and his hands bound tight together by a pair of handcuffs.

"Ugh...Not again..." Akira muttered as he sat up on the filthy, bare prison bed and looked around the cell. He found everything to be exactly the same as it normally was, with the only other thing in the room being a a disgusting, dirty toilet with no seat. Not that this mattered of course, since he never had to use it while he was here.

"Hey, inmate! Stop looking around and pay attention!" a familiar voice suddenly called out, breaking Akira away from his thoughts. Knowing who it was, he let out a slightly annoyed sigh and turned around to face the small wardens of this tiny prison cell.

Standing outside of the cell were two young looking girls, both with almost identical appearances, save for a few noticeable differences. Both had platinum blond hair and striking yellow eyes, and wore blue prison guard uniforms with black skirts. They also both wore black gloves, a black tie each, and a blue hat.

That was where the similarities seemed to end. One of the girls, Caroline, had her hair tied up into two buns, and held an electric shock baton in her right hand. Her sister was Justine, who had her hair tied up into a braid and held a clipboard, which she almost always seemed to be looking at. Both of them wore eyepatches over one of their eyes, but Caroline wore it over her right, while Justine instead had it on her left side.

"Welcome back." Justine greeted, looking at Akira before then focusing back onto her clipboard. She seemed even more fixated on it than she normally was, which the prisoner took notice of. There was no time to question her on it though, as her sister pulled his attention back onto her.

"I hope you enjoyed your time of rest, inmate. You'll probably be wishing that you had more of it after this." Caroline said with her usual bitterness. By now Akira had gotten more than used to it, but whenever the girl brandished her baton, he couldn't help but once more feel a twinge of nervousness shoot through him.

Akira prepared to ask Caroline if she could elaborate, but Justine cut him off before he could, just like the other sister had done moments prior. "We have a task for you. It's on the list, but it's unlike anything you've had to do all honesty, it is a little strange." she began to say, a faint look of confusion appearing on her face before she shook it off. "Still, if all of the tasks on this list are meant to help with your growth, then they must be done."

This odd wording only served to confound Akira further. Slightly tilting his head to one side, he gained his turn to speak and responded. "Strange? Strange how? Do I need to fuse a another Persona of some kind?" he asked. The question was answered by Caroline hitting the metal bars of the cell with her baton, causing Akira to jump up just a little from shock.

"Of course not, inmate! Justine just told you that it's nothing like you've ever done before!" Caroline turned her back to him, allowing her more responsible sister to take over once more.

Looking up from her clipboard again, Justine reached towards the cell door and began to unlock the chains covering it. This came as a surprise to Akira, who at this moment had not yet ever left his cell while at this place. While looking at Justine slowly taking the chains away, he couldn't help but suddenly notice something through the bars that he hadn't yet before.

"Wait...where's Igor?" Akira questioned. The warden's desk where the old, long-nosed man sat was now completely empty, not a trace of him there. This left only the three of them in the room, which for some reason made the phantom thief quite nervous. Likely because it meant that there was no one here that could save him should things get too out of hand...

"He decided that he had to leave for a while. We decided that now would be the perfect time to go through with this task." Caroline answered as Justine finished opening the final lock. Before her sister got the chance to, Caroline threw the door open and then grabbed Akira's hand. "Now come on out, inmate! We should get this done as soon as possible!"

Agaisnt his will, Akira was abruptly dragged out of the cell and into the center of the room. To his left was Justine, who was awkwardly gripping her skirt, and to his right was Caroline, who was doing much the same. They looked at eachother before then placing their eyes back upon the prisoner.

"It's time for your new task. We'll explain everything after it begins." Justine said in an orderly tone. Afterwards she began to unbutton her skirt...which, understandably, caused Akira to begin to panic as his mind raced towards ideas of what this task could really possibly be. He looked over at Caroline and saw her doing the same thing as her sister, beginning to lower her skirt after dealing with all of the buttons...

What they were wearing around their waists shook Akira to the very core.

Instead of panties, which the boy had expected, the girls were instead wearing something quite infantile. On their hips were babyish diapers, thick ones with light blue tapes. Although he wasn't able to notice it before, Akira could now see that their legs were being lightly forced apart because of them, and now that he was listening, every slight movement they made caused a sort of crinkle to be heard.

For a moment, there was no sound other than the aforementioned crinkling. After all, there seemed to be no way that Akira could possibly react other than with stunned silenced. Apparently Caroline didn't agree with this thought, as her following reaction soon indicated.

"Well?! Aren't you going to say anything, inmate?!" Caroline yelled, seeming like she was almost offended by the lack of any kind of reaction coming from the inmate.

Honestly, Akira wasn't sure what she wanted him to say, so he simply said the first thing that came to his mind. "Umm...both of you look cute...?" he said, his nervousness only continuing to increase as Caroline soon glared at him and began to brandish her baton in a threatening way.

Not wanting things to get violent, Justine quelled her sister's anger by stepping out infront of her. "Caroline, stop. Rehabilitation, remember? We should get it done as soon as possible."

For whatever reason, the mention of rehabilitate brought an almost sinister grin to Caroline's face, and made her mood brighten up almost immediately. "Right, of course. We should get started...I think that this might even be a little fun. For us, at least."

"Wait, what exactly is my task aga-" Before he was able to finish his question, Justine and Caroline both grabbed one arm each and began to pull him down. While individually they weren't too physically strong, their combined strength was more than enough to bring him down to the floor, which resulted in him laying flat on his back.

The first thing that Akira tried to do was to sit up so that he could get back to his feet, but his attempts were met with the sight of Justine's poofy, padded posterior suddenly being planted down upon his face, forcing his head back down onto the floor. As of this wasn't bad enough, he could feel Caroline, at least he assumed it was her since he couldn't see, sitting her own crinkly rear on his crotch area, which was mildly uncomfortable, to say the least.

"Mmmphh?!" screamed the prisoner, flailing around with his eyes wide opened. This was the task that they had planned for him?! He couldn't exactly understand what it was or how it was going to help him, but what he did understand was that nothing good could possibly come from this.

"Time for your task! It's really simple, so listen up!" Caroline said, an excited chuckle escaping her as she moved back and forth a little on Akira's crotch. She looked behind her to see Justine sitting almost completely still on the prisoner's face.

"According to the list, we were to put on diapers and evacuate our bowels into them while sitting on your face and crotch..." Justine said, confusing still evident in her voice. It was clear that she personally didn't know why she was about to do this, but she was dead set in following that-

Wait, evacuate their bowels?! If he wasn't before, Akira certainly was now. Letting out the loudest possible yell he could, Akira tried to force at least one of the girls off of him through brute strength. No positive results were made. In fact, all it did was tire him out, putting him completely at the mercy of the two girls.

Grinning, Caroline prepared herself and decided that now was the time. "Alright, Justine! Let's go on the count of three, alright?" she said, to which Justine replied with a nod.

"Of course...before we do though...this is all for the sake of his rehabilitation, right?" she asked, apparently having second thoughts about the entire matter.

Shrugging her shoulders, Caroline answered her sister. "Eh, it was on the list, so it had to be, right? Besides, you're already in a diaper and sitting on his face. It's too late for you to try and back out of this now!" she exclaimed.

"Hmm...I suppose that you're right. Fine then, on the count of three we'll go." Justine said, deciding against stopping this, which was Akira's only hope for salvation. A rumbling sound came from her stomach, signifying that she was ready for the dirty act. "Alright, three..."

"Two..." Caroline said, her smirk growing wider and wider until it was basically stretching from ear to ear. She couldn't help but think that she was going to enjoy this, and the pressure she was feeling in her bowels told her that the time for release...was now!

"One!" the twins said simultaneously as they closed their eyes, grunted, and pushed. Their faces became red as a thick, solid mass filled the seat of their padding, which was proceeded by a large squelching sound as it squished against Akira's face and crotch. The warm load filled their diapers and spread all the way up to the front which the girls found to be not exactly an unpleasant feeling...

Akira, however, did find all of this quite an unpleasant feeling. He had dealt with fire, ice, electricity, winds, and even nuclear blasts, but none of those came anywhere close to being as strong as the revolting odor this had on him. He had Justine to blame for that, with her soiled padding pressed right up against his nose. The worst part was that he had to smell this awful stench just to breath, with every breath causing his face to turn slightly more green.

Then there was the problem of the feel. Needless to say, it felt grotesque and indescribably horrid. It was like a bag of mud being pressed up right against him, with he added bonus of it being warm and constantly being squished around, especially on the crotch area.

"How does it feel? Are you rehabilitated yet?" Caroline said in a joking manner as she bounced up and down a bit, occasionally letting out a soft moan. An answer to her question came in the form of a pleading cry from the prisoner. "Huh? I can't hear you? Think that you can speak a little louder?"

"Caroline, when do you think that we should stop? I don't believe the task listed said we had to do this for long." Justine said, reaching to pick up her nearby clipboard. As she did so, she couldn't help but release what was left inside of her, which came in a semi-solid form. She was sure that Akira must have been disgusted by it, but so far she had managed to successfully convince herself that this was all for a good purpose. "Yes, it just said that we had to mess ourselves ontop of him. Nothing about doing it for an extended period of time."

"Aww, come on! Have a little bit of fun. Nothing exciting usually ever happens around this place. Especially not with that bore Igor around!" Caroline said as she squished around a bit more, chuckling again.

"A bore? Interesting..." came a sudden, rather deep voice. Caroline and Justine's eyes widened as they quickly looked towards the warden's desk, looking to see that it was no longer empty. Instead it was filled by a long-nosed man wearing a black suit. This was, of course, the master of the Velvet Room, Igor.

"M-M-Master?!" both twins exclaimed at the same time as they stood up, their diapers sagging now that they were. This finally gave Akira the chance he had to breath in fresh air, although the toxic smell did still slightly linger in the air around his face.

Apparently unfazed by what he had seen, Igor kept the sort of odd smile he usually wore on his face. "I see that you're continuing to rehabilitate the prisoner, in your own, special way. Good job, I'm sure you've been doing great." he said.

Unsure whether to take that as actual praise or some sort of odd humor, Justine could only respond through covering her soiled diaper up with both her hands and looking away in shame. Meanwhile, Caroline looked towards the protagonist and responded the only way she knew how; by insulting him.

"This is all your fault, you know!" Caroline yelled, her cheeks bright red from blushing. "If you had come in sooner we could have gotten this done by now and he wouldn't have seen us like this!"

"Caroline, please calm down. He did nothing wrong." Justine said as she placed a hand on Caroline's shoulder. "We were the ones who continued to drag the task out for our personal amusement...I believe that we should apologize to him."

"A-Apologize?!" Caroline yelled, finding the very concept to be alien-like in nature. Nonetheless, she couldn't help but just feel a slight twinge of guilt somewhere within her, and deep down she knew that it would be the right thing to do, no matter how much it physically pain her to do such a thing. Throwing away her pride for a moment, the girl took a deep breath and got it out of the way. "I'm...sorry for doing that to you..." she said, seeming slightly insincere, but Akira could at least tell that she was trying.

"Apology accepted...just please don't do it again..." Akira said as he got to his feet. After doing so, he looked up to see Igor pointing him back towards his cell, which he made no fuss about going back to.

The chains and locks were once again placed over the door, and Akira would not be able to get out and back into the main room...not that he would have wanted to, after his experience. Dirty diapers still on display, both twins stood infront of the bars, one on each side like they normally were.

"Well, you managed to complete that task...good job. One more and you'll get a special prize." Justine said, trying to get things back to the way they normally were. "Your next task is to fuse a Cerberus with Maragion. Please bring it to us when you have one."

Nodding his head in confirmation, Akira then proceeded to take a look over at Caroline, who immediately glared at him. "Well what are you still doing here?! Go on and leave!...M-Me and Justine would prefer some privacy while changing..."

All too happy to follow this order, Akira laid back down on the bed in the cell and closed his eyes. When he awoke, he found himself back in reality. He was within his bedroom, and the light pouring in through the windows told him that it was now morning.

"Good morning, Akira!" the boy heard Morgana greet him, the cat walking up to his bed. "You seemed to be mumbling a little in your sleep. What were you dreaming about?"

For a moment the idea of telling the truth crossed his mind, but eventually he decided against it. All it would do would make him seem like a rather odd pervert. "Ah, nothing. I can't remember...anyways, I should get ready for school. Come on, let's get going."

Although slightly confused by the way that his friend was reacting, Morgana made no attempts to press on it as he walked beside Akira over towards the dresser where he kept his clothes. "So, wanna head to the Metaverse after school today? There are some requests in Mementos that I think could really use our help!" he exclaimed. The mention of the Metaverse caused Akira to shake his head and sigh, his face looking a little green for some reason...

"N-No...I think I'm going to try and avoid anything to do with the Metaverse for a while..."
Well, here's another story! It's a little on the short side this time, about 3,000~ words, but I think that's just enough for this. Today's focus was on the girls of the Velvet Room in Persona 5, Justine and Caroline! They were far too cute to pass up on doing something like this with! I credit the idea and inspiration for this fix with this picture by Merunyaa:…

Anyways, I hope that you enjoy!
Who is the best Persona 5 girl?
13 deviants said Futaba (The Hermit)
5 deviants said Makoto (The Priestess)
5 deviants said Takemi (Death)
3 deviants said Haru (The Empress)
3 deviants said Sae (Judgement)
3 deviants said Ohya (The Devil)
3 deviants said Chihaya (The Wheel Of Fortune)
3 deviants said Kawakami (Temperance)
1 deviant said Ann (The Lovers)
1 deviant said Hifumi (The Star)
You see this guy? Yeah, him -> :iconebenezerslime:

Now look at this:…

Just continuing with my secondary job of advertising people. Yay.

(Btw maybe new story next week, depends on how fast I write.)
Hey, my friend :iconabkatelyn: needs some help! Make sure to try and help her out in anyway you can! Even just spreading the word helps!…

What are you doing? Go ahead and watch them already! They're really good and new to this "community"!


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